Welcome to Kennel Jamilany´s homepage. Jamilany´s was established in 1987 but the work and the interest in yorkies began already in 1983. Our household consist of me and my husband and about 10 yorkies. Our house is in Langansböle, Dragsvik. We have about 4 km to the city, Ekenäs. Ekenäs is about 100 km from Helsinki, 100 km from Turku situated in the south by the coast of Finland and 40 km from the southest city in Finland, Hangö.

We go to a few dog shows every year. Most of our dogs are Champions.

We are also interested in gardening and boating. Beautiful summerdays as we are free from our work we like to go by boat cruising in the archipelago. Our garden with a big lawn for the dogs to run on and a big gardenplot also needs caretaking.

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